Dr. Gary D. Telgenhoff

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Skinner Rat Is a recording project, a virtual band created by
Dr. Gary D. Telgenhoff.

The concept is created in honor of Dr. B.F Skinner, the renowned behavioral psychologist who did much to further our understanding of animal (and human) behavior. CSI, Ratzass Productions,Rock-n-Roll, forensic Pathology, Dr.T, Dr. Telgenhoff,forensics, coroner, T-Shirts, CD,Coroner,Music, Crime, scene, Quincy, Anthony Zuiker, Music, Skinner Rat, B.F. Skinner Crime Scene Investigation, Las Vegas, Lou Reed, Mike Lutz, BlackFoot, henry Weck, brownsville station, alice cooper, frost, don hartman, dick wagner, CSI, wecropsy, autopsy, forensic Pathology, forensics, robert david hall, Blue Oyster Cult, Eric Bloom, Buck Dharma, Danny Miranda, Marge Helgenberger, William Peterson, Anthony Zuiker, David Berman, Jos h Berman, Carol Mendolson, Jorja Fox, Karen Taylor, Ectasy, dThe Who, John Entwistel, Elyse's Comprehensive, Dick Wagner, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Frost, Brownsville Station, Meatloaf, Grand Funk Railroad, Mark Farner