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Dr. Telgenhoff was the Forensic Pathologist and Deputy Medical Examiner at the Clark County Coroner's Office, Las Vegas, Nevada.

He originally began the job seeing 1000 (45 of which were monicides) per year. Now with the addition of new staff the number has dropped to a comfortable number of about 700 with approximately 35 homicides a year. His presence is often required in court with regard to his findings and determination of cause and manner of death. Convoluted would best describe the path to his present occupation.

Gary was born in Cadillac, Michigan, population approximately 10,000. His father, Don, is a retired Telephone Man. His mother, Ella is a Housewife. His sister Judy, employee of FourWinns Boats, mother grandmother. Dr. T. lived in a lower, middle class life style and graduated from Cadillac Senior High School in the lower 25th percentile of his class. Although there may have been "more" potential there, the majority of his young life he was interested in nothing but drums, bands, and rock and roll. The interest became an obsession and a dream of playing the big stages. The obsession continued through four years at Spring Arbor College in Michigan. After graduation in 1979 with a degree in biology and chemistry, he pursued music with various bands making a modest living in clubs and concerts. Some of the musicians he performed with were: Donny Hartman (from the Michigan band Frost), Dick Wagner (guitarist for Lou Reed and Alice Cooper), Robbin Robbins (keyboardist for Bob Seger), Henry Weck (drummer for Brownsville Station and producer for Blackfoot). He replaced Henry Weck in the Michigan band Whiz Kidz (founded by Pat McCaffrey and now based in Palm Springs California.)

Although an aspiring musician Dr. T also had an interest in science. He chose to enter graduate school at Eastern Michigan University and received an MS in biology/physiology in 1989. The degree was completed while in the first year of Medical School at Michigan State University. Gary continued to perform with the Whiz Kidz during this time. Medical School was completed in 1992, followed by internship, two years of pathology residency at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio, two years of pathology residency at Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio and one year of Forensic Pathology fellowship at Montgomery County Crime Lab, Dayton, Ohio.

During this time Dr. Telgenhoff continued to perform as a one-man act, "Badd MediSin". Incidentally, Gary had a rather rough road through his medical training due to his resistance to the "Doctor Thing". He did not recognize "status", hierarchy, dogmatic authority, "God Complex", or the need to suck up to anyone or anything. Needless to say, he did not win many friends in the profession, which was just fine by him. He was often scorned and left out due to his stubborn childish obsession with rock and roll, use of street slang, dark and vulgar humor, and association with common people.

His most valued accomplishment is succeeding in medicine while retaining his identity and enthusiasm for music. Gary fled Ohio like a stripped - assed - gazelle for Las Vegas, Nevada his second home. Doc retired as of March 1, 2017.

The creation of SkinnerRat and Ratzass Productions began during the first year in Las Vegas, 1998. The majority of his "free time" is spent in his digital studio, writing, recording and producing. He continued to consult with the CBS drama CSI three to four times a week. He also consulted with the new TV show BONES. Many writers of books, articles, movies and TV shows approached Dr. T for advice.

The ambition and drive continued for producing music for this recording project SkinnerRat. This involved collaboration with Dick Wagner, Jeff Bower, Eric Bloom and Danny Miranda (Blue Oyster Cult).

Sadly, Gary passed away January 4, 2018. He is missed by all who knew him, but his music lives on forever.